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Community Benefits

We Care for Henderson

Community Health Needs Assessment

To better understand what the community needs, we regularly conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for UT Health Henderson. The information we collect through interviews with the Rusk County community lets us determine where we allocate extra resources and what outreach programs are important for the health of the Henderson community.

Some of these programs we initiate and oversee as part of our commitment to local care. Other programs are created in collaboration with agencies that share our goal of a healthier East Texas.

Because we conduct CHNA on a regular basis, we keep a finger on the pulse of Henderson to identify areas of growth, revise and update services, and coordinate community education. CHNA is just one more way UT Health Henderson makes it easier for our community members to have the health resources they need.


Our philosophy of care is simple – and beneficial to Henderson

  • We are committed to serving others through both specialized and preventive medicine.
  • We have a patient-centered philosophy. When the patient comes first, all else falls into place.
  • We believe in advancing healthcare in home communities to the highest level possible.