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UT Health Henderson provides an array of cardiovascular testing and imaging to identify heart problems and diseases. Our cardiovascular experts are committed to helping you return to your daily life with the necessary tools to manage your condition.

For more information on any of our services, or to schedule an appointment please call 903-655-3681.


Cardiac services

Our cardiovascular program includes highly trained cardiologists, a range of diagnostic tools and a popular program of cardiac rehabilitation.

Heart clinics

Fellowship-trained cardiologists, using the latest imaging tools, research and therapies, detect and treat heart problems right here in Henderson.

To make an appointment at our cardiology clinic, please call 903-595-5514. Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans are accepted.

Diagnostic imaging

  • Calcium scoring – a noninvasive test to determine buildup of plaque in arteries.
  • Cardiac stress testing – uses nuclear medicine to check for blockages in the coronary arteries during physical activity.
  • Echocardiograms – ultrasound technology that creates standard two-dimensional, three-dimensional and Doppler images of the heart.
  • Electrocardiograms – also known as EKGs or ECGs, involve the use of electrodes to check for problems with the electrical activity of the heart, such as heart rhythm disorders.
  • Holter monitor – a small, battery-powered device that is worn for 24 hours to measure your heart rate, rhythm and function during normal daily activities.
  • Lexiscan – a form of cardiac stress testing that uses a drug instead of exercise to increase heart rate, so that physicians can check for blockages.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation

UT Health Henderson’s cardiac rehabilitation program is designed for those who are recovering from cardiac surgery or who have a heart condition. It is a medically-supervised exercise program that helps increase your strength and stamina, while reducing your risk of having another heart event.

Pulmonary services

Our pulmonary program offers detection, treatment and rehabilitative care for patients with conditions that may cause shortness of breath.

Pulmonary function tests

A noninvasive way to assess how well your lungs work, pulmonary function tests measure:

  • how much air your lungs can hold.
  • how quickly you can move air in and out of your lungs.
  • how well your lungs take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from your blood.

These tests can diagnose the existence and severity of lung diseases, and indicate how well lung treatments may be working.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Our pulmonary rehabilitation program uses education, breathing re-training, medication, oxygen, bronchial hygiene, adaptive equipment and monitored exercise for people with a variety of conditions that may cause shortness of breath.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically-supervised program that provides you with the tools needed to reduce your risk of having another heart event. Specialized cardiovascular exercises improve your strength, stamina – and quality of life.

Our program consists of 36 sessions while wearing a heart monitor, followed by at-home exercise recommendations. A Phase 3 program is available to those who want to continue training at UT Health Carthage after the monitored sessions are completed.

UT Health Carthage cardiac rehabilitation is offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 a.m. to noon.

For more information, please call 903-694-4728.